10 Most Expensive Restaurants in the World


1. SubliMotion, Spain.

source: sublimotionibiza.com

This underwater restaurant with two Michelin stars is an impressive work combining art and hospitality when it comes to the experience of dining out! Described as an “Imaginative, high-end Mediterranean dining concept with VR tech & immersive film projections” Sublimotion opened in 2014 after the concept was conceived in 2012. Said by one reviewer to be a mind-blowing experience— “It’s dining at its most surreal, futuristic, and thought-provoking,” the restaurant offers 12 diners an avant-garde cuisine in a high-tech space, called a “capsule”. The capsule´s walls show changing footage—it is a spectacular 3-hour banquet taking diners on a journey through various times, places, and stages of emotion, from the bottom of the ocean to a sexy 20th-century cabaret to a futuristic dinner with friends in 2050! It’s thought to be a favorite destination for the world’s wealthiest who visit Spain´s Ibiza for its nightlife and beaches. The restaurant boasts an array of some of the finest cooks in the world, like chef-owner Paco Roncero, who can whip up unique meals at a moment’s notice. The meal constitutes a wholesome 20-course Spanish-tasting menu per person. The total expenses in Sublimotion come to about $1,600 per person. That price tag places it in a league of its own.


10 / 10