20 Most Expensive Watches – Dress Like a Boss


18. Chopard Super Ice Cube – $1.1 Million

Chopard Super Ice Cube expensive watches
Source: successstory.com

This high-end timepiece as its name implies, truly resembles an ice cube! If you’re looking for an eye-catching watch with a “bling-bling” design, this fits the bill. The 18-karat white gold band is completely covered on the top and sides in baguette-shaped diamonds.  Wonder what the face is covered in?  You guessed it:  Baguette-shaped diamonds. There are no subdials to distract you; and apart from the hour and minute hands and a small Chopard logo, the blue dial is completely encrusted with 60-carat diamonds.  This super luxury watch uses a Swiss movement for accurate timekeeping even 100m meters underwater, has a scratch-resistant square face, is 30 mm in diameter, and is the perfect watch for a lady that seeks luxury when she checks the time.


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