29 Most Expensive Cat Breeds in the World


1. The Ashera

Life Style Pets Inc

Price: $100,000 – $ 125,000

There is a serious queue of people wishing to own an exotic wild-looking Ashera cat because it is available in only a very limited number. It is a real status symbol for the animal-loving wealthy class. It caused a social media sensation in 2006 when it was introduced to the public as a hybrid of the serval, leopard, and domestic cat. The Ashera needs mental and physical stimulation and positive reinforcement training. Like the Savannah, these cats need constant care and training as their DNA mostly comes from wild cats rather than domestic varieties. The Ashera does not shed much and brushing once a week is sufficient. There are only a small number of breeders worldwide. The Ashera tops the list of the world´s most expensive cats! If you have a cool $125,000 you can put your name down to own one and then dedicate your life to this fabulous feline!


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