A Look at 12 of the Worlds Most Expensive Colleges


2. Columbia University, New York United States of America

source: worldwidephotoweb.com

The university just celebrated its 250th anniversary and is the oldest in New York. Undergraduates studying medicine, physics, law, business, or the myriad of other available fields will leave Columbia University wielding their weapons of education with confidence. They will also watch the price of graduating from such an esteemed university rise every year.

Students in General Studies for the 2017 term, will pay around $27,764 just for tuition. Adding in other charges like room and board, fees for maintenance, health services, and student activities, takes the price up to approximately $71,690 for a student’s first term.





  • Such a badly researched and written article. First and foremost, the article makes no distinction between TERM and YEAR. No explanation how many terms in a year as the number of terms may differ from country to country

  • A completely hopeless system, belonging to the dark ages. Any civilized country provides the tuition, teaching and education for those talented enough to qualify for university. You pay yourself for your food, housing, clothes and books.
    Have these countries never heard about investing in the future?

  • Also a pity that an article about universities contains so many grammar mistakes: “worlds (sic) most expensive universities…”; “four year program”; “award winning…” Evidently the author didn’t attend any of the schools mentioned or, more worrisome, perhaps he or she did.

    • I agree with you about the quality of the writing, but where’s the mistake in “award winning”? Did you think it should be “wining”. That would mean “drinking wine”. Or did you want it to be “award-winning”? Language and usage keep changing.

    • That’s because this sort of Click Bait is written very rapidly by unqualified people, perhaps in their second language, to be able to make a buck.

      The article is also misleading in that most people that go to these institutions are NOT international students so they pay far less. As they should since their families paid taxes to the state for years to pay for the system.

  • that is all about democracy; capitalism & money; nothing to do with intelligence & progressive human beings. that is the same old saying of money talks and bull…. walks?

  • There are not great universies the truth and objective is to have experienced tutors that worked in industry and know their subject.I was lucky to graduate from two great universities with long history but also great tutors that knew their topic.while doing my ph.d in Scotland at stirling at came across the most ignorant tutor that took over after the initial tutor with whom we set the research.result after 6 years external basis while working they sent a letter that the standard of ph.d had not been reached!although before writing up certificates been issued that ph.d requirements had been reached!!!the time passed and my research proved true due to my predictions and analysis!!!!!a letter sent to Stirling and explained them that they had failed at that time to evaluate the research but the time elapsed proved I was right.then
    a lady in charge of governance and quality (sic)answered after one year that due to time elarsed the university of stirling was not in position to reconsider and recognize the research! bureauctatic answer to protect their “status”…so they call in their title university of …excellence! what a hypocrisy. ..

  • I grew up in Cambridge(Harvard/MIT) went to these Univ. at 14,15,16, 17, 18 for Russian, Physics, Advanced Math. Worked at Geometrics(Harvard Deans after school business) building models for DEW Line across Arctic 1962. Worked for COMPAQ, HP that originated from DEC(Digital Equipment). Bill Gates(no degree) was kicking tin cans around Harvard Sq. or was his mother a VP@IBM. I designed Deep Space Tracking Centers England, Japan and Rome NY. None of this required calculus or imaginary numbers. Just simple “rote” education. Its not what you know!!!