Here are 8 of the World’s Most Expensive Colleges


1. Harvey Mudd College, California, United States of America – $79,539


The United States has dominated this list of 8 of the world’s most expensive colleges and tops it with Harvey Mudd College in Claremont, California. This private liberal arts college has its primary focus on STEM majors and PhDs in areas like mathematics, science, engineering, and IT—it thus has Silicon Valley credibility.

Established in 1955, Harvey Mudd is an elite institution—its undergraduate engineering program is ranked as the best in the US. If students want that prestigious education, they will have to pay handsomely for it!

This small college enrolled only 902 undergraduate students in 2021 This award-winning college may cost more in the end than most people’s dream home, but graduates seeking employment know Harvey Mudd College armed them with the Excalibur of education.



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