The 16 Most Expensive Private Islands To Rent per Night


 #3 Necker Island, British Virgin Islands – $48,000

Necker Island topexpensive

Necker Island is the permanent home of its owner, Sir Richard Branson – the 63 year old international business magnate. The exclusive resort accommodates no more than 30 people at any given time. Hiring it our exclusively costs some $48,000 per night, which partly justifies the 80 staff members at hand on the resort.  Necker Island was the venue of top model Kat Moss’ 40th birthday party. It also hosted Google co-founder Larry Page’s wedding, while Wikipedia co-founder Jimmy Wales selected it as the location for his honeymoon. The late Princess of Wales took her sons (and heirs to the British throne) William and Harry, to holiday on Necker Island, far from prying eyes. The island was ravaged by a raging fire in 2011, but was rebuilt at a cost of $22 million.