The 16 Most Expensive Private Islands To Rent per Night


 #14 Laucala Island, Fiji – $3,200

Laucala Island

Laucala Island, is home to Austrian Red Bull magnate, Dietrich Mateschitz, who accepts guests when he is not in residence. Ever the businessman, he does not let a lucrative asset like this lie idle! The South Pacific Ocean Island features extensive facilities, which include no less than an intimate $1.3 million submarine built for two… You know, just in case you want to go snorkelling but don’t want to get wet, or be directly in the water, or have restricted breathing. Ah, the whims of the rich! Laucala is also known for its sumptuous cuisine which incorporates element from various South Pacific traditions. It is known to be a favourite destination for Australian model, businesswoman, television host and actress Elle Macpherson. The Australian beauty rented the island as a private wedding venue when she wed husband Jeffrey Soffer, in 2013. The average cost for a stay at Laucala Islands is of $3200 per night.