These are the 10 Most Expensive Cities in the World in 2023 


#9 Paris, France

Paris, France – Source:

Hold onto your berets and baguettes! Paris is going to cost you. The City of Love has amazing art, architecture, food, fashion, and more, but the average net salary is €2,694 and a single person´s costs without accommodation is €1,042. A beer costs €7.00. There are only just over 2 million people residing in Paris, making it one of the least populated metropolises. The city has wide boulevards and the River Seine flowing through it. The city area of 41 square miles is ancient, with people living on the present-day site since 7,600 BC. Notre Dame and the Louvre are two of the many must-visit places in the world, and they are Paris icons. As an international cultural capital, you pay for the privilege of being there.  Paris might put you in debt if you are not careful!



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