These are the 20 Most Expensive Cities to Visit for Holiday


#1 Zurich- $219

Zurich Roads

Zurich is considered to be Europe’s the banking capital and this is partially why it takes the top spot on our list. It is a wealthy city where there is money to be made… and spent! From bankers to cab drivers, the city’s economy is doing well. Talking about cab drivers, the Swiss taxis are the most expensive of the world, with the average cost for a 2 mile ride costs around $20. In addition to expensive accommodation, dining out isn’t a piece of cake either, with an average dinner costing some $98 – the most expensive worldwide!






  • That photo of Hong Kong is a fake. There is no mountain that large anywhere near HK.

      • Tokyo is fake – I have lived here now over 20 years and unless I have been living in the wrong Tokyo. Never seen this view though my previous office in Ark Hills or Roppongi Hills give us a nice view.

    • Don’t think your statement is correct as I have been there many times and that pic looks about 100% correct. Was just there at the start of October.

      • 100% correct refers to HK. Shot was take from West side of HK Island. Regional office in One Island East had fair size hills behind our pretty tall skyscraper office tower.

  • As for #17 – Tokyo – 2 mile taxi ride doesn’t cost much as $58. It must be $15~20. I know it is still expensive.

  • Being originally from Switzerland I sadly have to agree! Cup of coffee sets you back about 5 US. No refill! Good news, service included although they still expect a tip. Coffee is excellent hmmmm.
    Go to St.Moritz and pay even more for everything.
    Neat, safe and clean country.