The World’s 10 Most Expensive Cities to Visit in 2023


#7 Honolulu, Hawaii, USA


Hawaii is known to be the costliest USA state for travelers, who will spend about $284 per day to holiday in Honolulu and almost two grand, $1,988, for a one-week solo trip. Honolulu for two for a week will cost in the vicinity of around $3,176. A beer costs between $8 and $12. The Waikiki neighborhood is the islandĀ“s center for dining, nightlife, and shopping, and the Hawaiian beaches are world-famous. You can enjoy that national dish, the Hawaiian pizza, in Honolulu too! Gasoline is the second priciest in the USA, at $5.60 per gallon, right behind California. Only come to Honolulu if your heart is set on experiencing Hawaii, and you have deep pockets, it is on the bucket list for many Americans and other travelers, there were 1.6 million visitors in 2022, so it is a relatively exclusive destination!


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