Top 10 Most Expensive Shoe Brands for Women


1. Gucci, from $1,000 to $8,000


Guccio Gucci created the Italian luxury leather goods brand from Florence in 1921. Like many successful fashion houses, the brand started out manufacturing luggage. The Gucci brand now includes handbags, accessories, ready-to-wear, and home decoration as well as shoes. The legendary Gucci loafers were a substantial hit—it remains one of the most talked about shoes in the industry. The most expensive women’s shoes listed on their website in August 2023 is the $8,000 crocodile slingback. Other remarkable shoes include the Python mid-heel boot at $2,800 and the studded pump at $2,190. Gucci is now a subsidiary of the French luxury group, Kering. Gucci’s 2022 global revenue amounted to €10.5 billion. The global personal luxury goods market, in which Gucci operates, is growing in value over recent years, with the interruption of the pandemic in 2020 eventually seeing a recovery in 2021.  Gucci´s brand value in 2023 is $37.9 billion, with 528 stores worldwide. Leather goods make up 52% of its revenue—true to the century-old traditional roots of the company.


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