Top 10 Most Expensive Shoe Brands for Women


9. Stuart Weitzman, from under $500


Stuart Weitzman´s most popular shoes were the high-end, highly expensive platinum and diamond studded ones, worth more than a million dollars. He holds records for the sale prices of his women’s shoes. Weitzman began his design career in Massachusetts in his father’s fashionable shoe shop ‘Seymour Shoes.’  After his father died, he worked for the Spanish company that took over the family firm for about 20 years and then he bought it back in 1994. The Stuart Weitzman brand was taken over by the company Coach for $574 million in 2015, but he stays on as chief designer. His creation for the Fall 2023 season is a full-length boot with a new heel: the Luxecurve 100, a curved 4-inch stiletto.



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