The World’s 10 Most Expensive Bags for Woman


Aaah! Women and bags. Bags for women are like cars for guys. To be considered, discussed, revered, and taken everywhere!   Ever seen the lines at the cash tills in the Handbags area during a 75% sale on Black Friday at Macy’s? A woman’s bag is usually her most prized possession, not only because it contains the myriad mysteries of her life but because it is a symbol of who she is. Research shows women buy expensive clothes and accessories mainly to show other women what they are made of, not merely to attract a male partner.  Bags are not just fashion “accessories”. They make bold statements about style, taste, and personality as well as social status and of course—wealth. Let’s take a look at some of the most expensive clutches, totes, and other bags of all shapes and sizes—and the ridiculous price tags at which they come.

10. Blue Crocodile Hermès Birkin Hermes Handbag —$150,000


The story behind the Birkin bag goes that on board a flight from Paris to London one day in 1981 British actress and singer Jane Birkin´s straw bag broke and the contents of the bag were strewn everywhere, an event witnessed by the man seated next to her—the chief executive of Hermes, Jean-Louis Dumas. After Jane explained she was hard-pressed to find a suitable leather handbag he was inspired to create a durable yet stylish handbag…the rest is history! This bag, embellished with white gold and 18-karat diamonds, was sold to an anonymous bidder during the first-ever Christie’s dedicated handbag sale in Mayfair, London in 1978. 

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