The World’s 21 Most Expensive Bags for Woman


1. Mouawad: 10001 Night Diamond Purse – $3.8 million


This is THE most expensive bag in the world. And we’re not the only ones saying it – the Guinness Book of World Records has certified Mouawad’s 1001 Night Diamond purse as the most expensive handbag in the world. This unique masterpiece is the work of 10 professional artisans who together took some 8,800 hours to complete. Hammered from 18-carat gold, this heart-shaped purse features no less than 56 pink diamonds, 105 yellow diamonds and a staggering 4,356 colorless diamonds. In all, this totals 381.92 carats. All this jewellery goes some way towards explaining the eye-watering price tag. The jewellery itself is also explained by the fact that Mouawad is a multinational timepiece and jewelry and with this piece has gone down in the history of bags.






  • It is not accurate. You get custom made which are much more expensive. My brother in Italy designed a line of custom made and bags can go up to 150 000 euro. All unique models. The ones here are mass production.

  • I want it
    It s top of professional work and lot of details that make this bag special
    Fact that I have no inaf money don’t makes it agli

  • This is unbelievable!!! After all this information about the suffering and extinction of both snakes and crocodiles. Most of these bags are made from this suffering. Sold to Stupid Ignorant, self absorbed women! SHAME ON THEM FOR SUPPORTING THIS! Fashion my bear ass! Primitive world! Will they NEVER! Wake up?

  • Its ludacris… im from south africa and with these price tags in rand it totals over the millions… just for a bag!!! you can feed a whole country with this type of money…
    And to top it of with, you get soooo many knock-offs its not even funny…

  • These are not mass produced they are hand cut and stitched. Actually toured a LV museum venue and met a few employees. The work in these bags are amazing and done by craftsman who truly love their art. Everyone has different tastes and Bank Accounts. You don’t have to be beautiful to carry a beautiful bag, just great investment skills and hard work or a healthy and wealthy family tree. Enjoy the real deal a fake looks fake to those you want to impress. Just be happy life is worth more than any bag made.