29 Most Expensive Cat Breeds in the World


When it comes to choosing our cat, we do not usually look at the price tag until we are actually ready to take delivery of our furry friend. The only thing that really matters, is to know that our four-legged loved ones are happy and healthy.

However, you need to have plenty of dollars in your wallet sometimes to buy the desired cat, and remember, with food, grooming, and vet expenses you will need at least $1000 per year to keep your beautiful cat healthy and content! 

We’ve collected here the 29 highest-price tag cat breeds you can find around the world. Counting down 29 purebreds in this cat-alogue from least to most expensive, you will hear 29 different kinds of “meow” from the beautiful world of felines!

Some of these stunning cats cost a reasonable fee…but you have to pay a small fortune for the Number One cat on this list! (The prices here are approximate and are essentially a guide, you will find more exact prices from breeders and other cat sources).

29. Ocicat

Image Credits: ilmiogattoeleggenda.it

Price: $150 – $800

Ocicat is a very rare American breed so named as its markings resemble the wild ocelot. Since 1988, the Ocicat has been officially recognized and registered as a cat breed but is not known widely outside of the USA Its ancestors include the American Shorthair, Abyssinian, Siamese, Spotted Oriental Shorthair, and Egyptian. The Ocicat is an athletic feline with a speckled, sandy-to-silvery coat. Female adults can weigh 5 kg and males 7 kg. They are generally healthy and long-living, costing about $1000 a year in maintenance, but liver, heart, and dental problems can arise in this breed.


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