29 Most Expensive Cat Breeds in the World


When it comes to our pet, usually we don’t look at the price tags, the only thing that matters, to know that our loved ones are happy and healthy.
However, sometimes you need to have top dollars in your wallet to acquire the selected pet, and to mention the future costs.
This time we’ve collected the 29 highest price tag cat breeds you can find around the world.

You have to pay a fortune for the first one!

29. Ocicat $150 – $500

Image Credits: ilmiogattoeleggenda.it

Price: $150 – $500

Ocicat is American in origin. Since 1988, it has become an officially recognized and registered as a cat breed. Its ancestors included the following species: Abyssinian, Siamese, Spotted Oriental Shorthair, Egyptian and American Shorthair. The result is an athletic animal with a speckled, sandy to silvery coat.