These are the 20 Most Expensive Cities to Visit for Holiday


#2 New York – $201

Most expensive cities New York

The city that never sleeps, might have trouble sleeping for a very good reason. It is destination with the most expensive accommodation prices in the world, with the average cost of one night’s stay estimated at $143. However, the pay-off is that you get to wake up in the hometown of the Lady of Liberty herself!





  • That photo of Hong Kong is a fake. There is no mountain that large anywhere near HK.

      • Tokyo is fake – I have lived here now over 20 years and unless I have been living in the wrong Tokyo. Never seen this view though my previous office in Ark Hills or Roppongi Hills give us a nice view.

    • Don’t think your statement is correct as I have been there many times and that pic looks about 100% correct. Was just there at the start of October.

      • 100% correct refers to HK. Shot was take from West side of HK Island. Regional office in One Island East had fair size hills behind our pretty tall skyscraper office tower.

  • As for #17 – Tokyo – 2 mile taxi ride doesn’t cost much as $58. It must be $15~20. I know it is still expensive.

  • Being originally from Switzerland I sadly have to agree! Cup of coffee sets you back about 5 US. No refill! Good news, service included although they still expect a tip. Coffee is excellent hmmmm.
    Go to St.Moritz and pay even more for everything.
    Neat, safe and clean country.