Top 11 Most Expensive Pieces Of Jewelry


Whether you prefer yellow gold, white gold, or platinum; diamonds or rubies—there is something special about jewelry that people find alluring. The appeal of jewelry can be emotional and has been intrinsically linked with social status since ancient times. In ancient Egypt for instance, the wealthy had semi-precious stones and metals and glass beads with which to adorn themselves. The poor substituted these with painted clay, shells, stones, bones, and animal teeth. A valuable piece of jewelry with a hefty price tag is often considered an heirloom, or a keepsake, but as diamonds are a girl’s best friend, they are often seen together too! Jewelry prices vary according to the materials used in creating it, and many pieces are so very valuable that they are well-insured, kept in safes, and only worn on special occasions—if at all. Have you ever watched a celebrity step out of the limousine and onto the red carpet and wondered just how much the bracelet or ring they were wearing was truly worth? Whether you are charmed by the beauty of diamonds, the glitter of rubies or you are simply plain curious about the most expensive pieces of jewelry currently in existence …here is a peek at 10 of the most expensive pieces of jewelry in 2023

11. Briolette Diamond Necklace—$11.1 million


When the Briolette diamond necklace was listed for auction, it was expected to inspire a purchase of between $8.5 and $12.5 million. It became one of the most expensive pieces of jewelry in the world at the time (and still now) when it sold at auction in 2013 for $11.1 million. This beautiful necklace has a total diamond weight of 75.36 carats, with a stunning purple-pink-shaded, marquise-shaped diamond in the center. This was certified as the largest briolette-shaped, flawless diamond graded at the time by the Gemological Institute of America (GIA). “Briolette is so special because we have to find a piece of rough that is big enough to cut (into) a briolette style,” said jewelry specialist Chiang Shiu-Fung at auctioneer Christie´s. Surrounding this flawless briolette diamond are smaller briolette diamonds that are set on an 18-carat white gold chain.

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