Top 20 Most Expensive Shoes


Women are notoriously fascinated by shoes. The color, shape and size. The way they shape the foot and position the entire body. Some women are known to spend ridiculous amounts on their towering heels. Men are stepping up to this trend too. And since – as we know – when there’s a demand there’s a profitable market to service, we’ve tracked down the world’s most expensive shoes. From times gone by, to the stuff of fairy tales, the silver screen and beyond, here are the shoes that the very rich and famous spend ridiculous amounts on!

20. Gold-Dipped Nike Dunks – $5,405


Looking like something out of the Man with the Midas Touch these shoes will have you dripping in gold, literally from head to toe. A bit too flashy for the more understated tastes, these custom-made Nike Dunk High are dipped in 24 carat gold. They are the creation of designer Kenneth Courtney as part of Nike’s Limited Edition 24 Carat Gold shoes.