Top 20 Most Expensive Shoes


Women hold a notorious fascination for shoes. Their color, shape, texture, and size. The way shoes shape the foot will determine the position of the entire body. Luxury shoe design companies like Gucci, Prada, and Jimmy Choo offer the latest in chic and stylish shoes. Some women are known to spend incredible amounts of cash on their towering heels. Men, too, are stepping up to this trend—though high heels are still considered a woman’s shoe, gender norms are changing in the 21st century. Today, once again a man can put on a pair of heels whenever he just feels like it!

Every human being needs at least one pair of shoes—there are more than 8 billion humans on Earth in 2023 and let’s face it, everyone (except maybe babies) needs shoes. And since—as we know—where there’s a demand there’s a profitable market to service, (the footwear industry, which is 88% Asian, was worth globally $382 billion in 2022) so we’ve tracked down the world’s most expensive shoes. From times of old, to the stuff of fairy tales, to the silver screen and beyond—here are the shoes that the very rich and famous spend ridiculous amounts on!

20. Gold-Dipped Nike Dunks – $5,400


Looking like something out of the “Man with the Midas Touch” these shoes will have you dripping in gold, literally from head to toe. A bit too flashy for more understated tastes, these custom-made shoes were designed in 2006. Produced in an edition of 5, Indulgences No. 5 (Air Jordan 1) — custom, gold-dipped Nike Dunk High sneakers are dipped in 24-carat gold. They are the creation of designer Kenneth Courtney. The sneakers are 28 cm long, 13 cm wide, and 18 cm high; however, how wearable they are seeming to be bit questionable!

19. Autographed Kobe Adidas—$35,000

1997-98 Kobe Bryant Game Used Signed Crazy 8 Adidas Shoes Sneakers With JSA COA. These shoes were signed by the late, great American professional basketball player, Kobe Bryant. Bryant died, along with his daughter Gianna and seven others, in a helicopter crash in Calabasas, California, in 2020. These particular shoes that bear his signature are high-performance too, since they offer support, while also being the lightest and most low-cut basketball sneakers on the market.


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