Top 20 Most Expensive Shoes


1. Original ‘Wizard of Oz’ Ruby Slippers – $6.1 million


Dorothy Gale from Kansas encountered plenty of trials along her journey to Oz. Fortunately, she was wearing those gorgeous, sparkling red ruby slippers which saw her skipping down the yellow brick road. Dorothy Gale’s Ruby slippers is one of the few artifacts in the history of films that stayed so well-preserved. One of the four original pairs of shoes related to filming the movie was auctioned at a whopping $6.12 million. Another pair is on show at a Washington D.C museum. Actress Debbie Reynolds owned one (and sold it in 2011) and customer Kent Warner kept one. As the auctioned pair became public, another woman in Tenessee came out saying she had another pair she won in a contest not long after the movie was released. That made five pairs of Ruby Slippers! There are books written about these shoes (for example, Rhys Thomas´ 1989 book The Ruby Slippers of Oz). Thomas says, “The Ruby Slippers is an enduring symbol of the power of belief, The Wizard of Oz is America’s only true original fairy tale. Then you combine it with star power, Judy Garland… and you get an iconic piece of cultural heritage. People just won’t let go of it.”


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