10 Most Expensive Restaurants in the World


9. Beige, Tokyo:

source: addtobucketlist.com

You will find this restaurant at the top of the Chanel Building in the Ginza neighborhood of Tokyo. Beige is one of the dining venues for world-acclaimed chef Alain Ducasse. Chef Alain has a commercial enterprise involving cookbooks, restaurants, cook schools, and culinary advice that rakes in $15 million a year. This restaurant also offers French cuisine with seasonal Japanese influences Alain Ducasse says: “Before cooking, there is Nature ” and his meals are prepared with seasonal ingredients. Dinner is Amuse-bouche, four dishes, and a dessert. For example— “Quick-sautéed aoriika, aubergine”, “Oven-cooked saddle of lamb from New Zealand, green asparagus, ratatouille réduction” and “Roasted pork from Meishanton, basquaise-style garnish and manganjis”, and signature dessert, “Chocolate from Alain Ducasse Manufacture in Tokyo Chanel delight”…Expect to pay about $175 per person, not an arm and a leg for this level of cuisine!


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