10 Most Expensive Restaurants in the World


When choosing where to go out for dinner, most of us consider location, type of cuisine, surroundings, and the menu´s price range. But what if cash wasn’t a deciding factor? There is a distinct class of restaurants that offer sumptuous and unique high-end culinary experiences. We know about fine dining and even fusion and innovation in the kitchen. Here you will learn more about the global establishments that offer a top-notch setting, product, and experience. This list of the world’s most expensive restaurants probably trumps even the priciest restaurant in your neighborhood. These are the eatery joints catering for the, “who-is-who” at the top of the political, arts, and sports worlds. Most of these restaurants are in Japan and Western Europe with a few in the United States. They attract the wealthiest, most moneyed types from all around the world. Come and enjoy a small taste of the priciest dining venues in the world—a world that is increasingly gourmet-oriented, multi-sensory, and competitive in the preparation and service of food, glorious food!

10. Misoguigawa, Osaka, Kobe, & Kyoto:

source: Pinterest.com

Traditional French cuisine enjoyed with chopsticks! This restaurant, manned by chef-patron Inoue Teruo at Pontocho Misoguigawa, serves French cuisine with Japanese twists. It’s located at an old teahouse in central Kyoto, the ancient capital of Japan. One of its notable meals is the Kaiseki-form French cuisine which has been served here since the early 1980s. Its eight-course dinner menu costs no less than $300 per person. t It has to be ordered and paid for one day ahead. Some of the current menu items include Grilled scallops, rendez-vous sauce with seasonal vegetables, Breton lobster and black truffles in Champagne sauce with asparagus, sole fish, classic quenelle, mushroom, and herbal bouquet…you can imagine the rest of the exquisite menu. Inoue maintains his connections to France, such as making annual trips there to purchase champagne and wine and meeting with Parisian chocolatiers to discuss his own chocolate brand “Maison d’it.”

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