Top 10 Most Expensive Shoe Brands for Women


Marilyn Monroe once stated the fact—well-known to all women: “Give a girl the right shoes, and she can conquer the world.” The “right” pair of shoes will be different for each woman conquering the world in her own way.  The art of classical ballet is taken by storm by Misty Copeland in her pointe shoes. Lindsey Vonn tears up the powdery slopes in her ski boots. And some of the most dynamic and fashionable businesswomen and showbusiness ladies conquer their corners of the globe wearing some of the most expensive shoes imaginable.

Some of these outrageously costly shoes will be spotted trotting down the boulevards of Paris, the streets of Milan, and London, while others frequent the red carpets of Hollywood and the boardrooms of New York. Many celebrities love shoes, Celine Dion for example, has around 3,000 shoes in her closet, Mariah Carey has 1,000 pairs. While the most expensive shoes on Earth are one-of-a-kind, a number of high-priced shoes are available for women looking to express their own self-assured, beautiful style. Here we list the top 10 women’s shoe brands from quite expensive to most expensive!

10. Brian Atwood, from under $500 

Award-winning American designer Brian Atwood was one of the few people in the fashion industry who were hired directly by industry leader, Versace in Italy. His brand went on to become not just the most desirable upscale shoe brand, but a label at the forefront of the luxury segment. Atwood catered to women that did not want to walk in heels and had sensible shoes in his collections as well. He is quoted as saying, “It’s kind of magical, the relationship women have with their shoes.” He has a budget shoe line retailing for $200 to $500 and a main shoe line that retails from $525 to $2,900. Atwood is the author of the book, Pumped, a study of stiletto heels. His Instagram account has nearly half a million followers. He is married to Dr Jake Deutsch, and they have two dogs. He has been described as a “shoe guru”.

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